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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 6, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: police have arrested three suspects in connection with those robberies, and they have hired a security guard to keep an eye on things. a lot of rattled nerves here. last night police say the robbers entered the building and held up one of the workers at gunpoint. these are the same guys who pistol whipped a 78 year old woman two weeks ago in the parking lot. it's believed that the suspected robbers have been staking out the center for some time. tonight the suspects are in jail facing assault and robbery charges. some of the bingo playeri playe not want to go on camera but they are relieved that arrests have been made. they will now see if the suspects may be wanted in other robberies in the south bay. the lieutenant says these were men who braszenly attacked that elderly woman two weeks ago.
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>> he's responsible for that robbery. and in that particular robbery, a 78 year old female victim was assaulted in that robbery. >> reporter: there are ten of these bin fwoe facilities, bingo halls in the city of santa clara. police say attacks on these halls is a growing concern. if you visit the one here on martin street in santa clara, you'll be sure to be welcomed by this security guard behind me keeping an eye on things, making sure everyone is safe. live in santa clara, nbc news. police say a man and his partner in jail tonight, the two accused of 20 armed robberies over the past few months, they earned the nickname the can't stop, won't stop bandits, but they did stop last night with the help of officers on the ground and in the air. >> he's on the highway proper.
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crossing 280 through traffic. >> what you're looking at is video released by the police. it shows officers chasing the suspects before they were caught. police are asking for anyone with information to contact them immediately. now to a developing story. safe way has been sold. industry insiders predict today's sale of the safe way change could mean big changes at your local store. the $9 billion deal means safe way's headquarter also move from pleasanton to idaho. it's not cheer whlear what will to the local employees. they also own the albertson's chain. the traditional supermarket has been losing business in recent
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years to specialty stores like trader joe's. they estimate the bay area locations will shrink and they'll focused more on custom branded and locally branded foods. researchers think there's a 50% of an el nino phenomenon forming by summer or fall. we bring in rob mayeda for what this could mean in terms of the drought. the last time we had an el nino it rained a lot in '97 and '98. >> we did see flooding occurring that year. but it really depends on how strong that el nino becomes. if it's a weak to moderate el nino, half the time we see drier winters, which isn't good news. we go back to 1976 and '77 we had a drought in an el nino year. what you need is a strong el nino. four out of six of those happen. of course the flooding that jessica referred to back in '97 and '98 was when we had two and
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a half times normal rainfall for san francisco. so the places that we will be watching will be off the coast of south america there. it may not offset the drought problem. but what you have to watch is this area off the coast of south america if it starts to warm up even more than what the models are projecting, developing into a strong el nino, it will have the ability to redirect the tropical jet stream right into southern california. but we need to see if the el nino coming our way does bet that strong. if it's weak, still 50/50 chance of seeing another dry winter ahead. more rain is on the way for the weekend. we'll talk more about that if your full forecast in a few minutes. now a recent rainfall in the bay area is certainly encouraging. this is a look before and this what it looks like today. water levels are rising, but will it be enough?
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marianne favro joins us to tell us what happens next. >> reporter: i can tell you that lexington reservoir did not fare as well. it is up only .4% compared to last week. while it dropped some inches in the mountain, it wasn't enough to change the picture. you can see visible changes at lexington reservoir. unfortunately, the south bay's water supply outlook still remains brown. >> we need to get several series of storms like that. and we're running out of time. it's march. we're very unlikely to get more storms that could produce a lot of runoff. >> reporter: the recent storms did dump 4 inches of rain in the mountains, but leaders say we
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need at least 8 to make a significant difference. >> it's important to recognize that these storms have not ended the drought conditions in santa clara county. >> reporter: all of the reservoirs are now at 33% capacity, but that's just over half the capacity we usually see this time of year. which is why conservation is critical. robyn saunders has already made changes. >> we have artificial grass, artificial turf which takes no water. there wasn't any grass before. and we've put in drought toll rant, native plants. >> reporter: a reminder we all need to learn, to be drought toll rant. lexington reservoir now is at 29% capacity. reporting live at lexington reservoir, marianne favro. take you to the peninsula now. a mess to say the least. this oak tree crashing to the ground knocking out power lines.
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this happened on iris street near red morton community park. came very close to knocking right into the houses. it really came onto the streets. so good news for residents. city workers scrambled to cut up that tree and clear it away. simultaneously, pg&e crews worked to restore the power lines. new information on the east bay teacher facing alleged sexual misconduct charges. today richmond police revealed he's accused of having inappropriate contact with six boys ranging in age from 11 to 13. police arrested the 7th grade teacher yesterday. he had been let go from another school back in november. he was under investigation for sexual misconduct at that school. some three months. but police say when they realized two days ago that he was working at mira vista, that's when they went for an
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arrest warrant. >> the employer has a responsibility to contact the prospective candidate applicant's past employer to get a sense of why he or she is not working in that capacity any more. >> we did a background check. we did evaluations. we had principals who had given us information about his performance. >> now he had been scheduled to go on a camping field trip in two weeks with students, but that will not happen. people are getting killed just walking the streets of san francisco. and after five deaths in the last two months, city leaders are taking new action. nbc bay area's stephani nechlt
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tron joins us. >> reporter: they're saying the left hand turns here are dangerous. a new program announced today means money and resources dedicated to intersections just hike th like this one in the hopes of keeping people safe. >> i sustained traumatic brain damage. >> reporter: to hear his story is to know his mission. he was jogging when a van crashed into him sending him 20 feet and eight surgeries. >> it has long lasting impact that i'm living with today. >> reporter: for nearly a decade now he's devoted himself to pedestrian safety advocacy. he says their steps today is a huge step in the right direction. the intersections account for 60% of the fatal pedestrian injuries.
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100 people have been killed or severely injured while walking in the city every year. walk first is set on cheaper fixes. that includes speed humps and taking away left hand turns at certain intersections. longer term fixes include radar speed displays, warning signs and flashing beacons. >> meanwhile, extra traffic enforcement has already begun. they've spent more officers to trouble spots giving 43% more citations this year than last. >> we're launching a public awareness campaign. the police department is stepping up enforcement. >> we don't want to have to say sorry anymore. we want to prevent these collisions from happening again in the future. >> reporter: a process that may take time, but for this victim turned advocate, patience is now second nature. to. >> to learn suffering and pain and turn it into a learning
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moment and help someone else. >> reporter: here's a list of some of the things. radar speed display signs would be about 2 million over a period of one to five years. so far, walk first has $17 million in guaranteed funding. they need about 50 million for the first phase. so taxpayers may foot the bill. and they get to vote on that in the november ballot. thank you, stephanie. still ahead at 6:00, searching for a killer. the new piece of evidence that has detectives going door to door decades after unsolved murders. i'm investigative reporter stephen stock. we first uncovered a practice last year and google's founders benefitted. now nasa admits its mistake and tells you how it will fix it. also ahead, moving day for the please temysterious google .
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100 miles per hour. the chp says speed did play a role in this crash that lett a teenager dead. the 17 year old boy was speeding around 11:00 this morning when he lost control of his car, hit a tree. he died right there. no one else was hurt in the crash which happened very near the pleasant hill road exit. traffic was a mess for hours. the teen's identity has not been released. nag sa is now confirming wh we announced earlier. it was selling jet fuel at a lower rate to the founders of google. it was happening for years, so what happens now. >> well, in fact nasa says they're going to stop the practice. we examined seven years of fuel
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records dating from 2007 to 2013. fuel records between nasa and a company called h 2-11. they are owned by the principaliprincipals at google. we found h 2-11 purchased gas fuel for prices as low as $2.37 when the same gas cost as much as $8.50 at local airports. they said a quote misunderstanding led to the discounted fuel rates for flights that had no nasa-related missions. in a letter received by iowa senator charles grassly today, nasa said in light of the concerns expressed with nose agreements, nasa has reviewed its pricing approach and is charging a market rule for
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aviation fuel at aims research center. one said it's good news that nasa finally heeded my calls and scrutiny from the media and acknowledged its fuel pricing was wrong, like all agencies, nasa is responsible for getting the most bang for the taxpayer's buck. now an official with h 2-11 has maintained for months that they were only buying the fuel available to them at nasa aims. senator grassly wants them to get back those millionsubsidize said that will not be possible. >> thank you. that's very interesting. if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit give us a call or send us an e-mail. the barge has a new home tonight. our chopper followed that google barge out of the bay today.
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it's been docked at treasure island for months, but lack of proper permits forced it to move east to stockton. google plans to keep the barge there for at least six months. they say they're turning it into a floating technology center. some people say that's too ambiguous and they want more information about what's on the inside. >> i will refer to our tenant, google. and i'm sure at the right time, you know, they'll be ready for something more public. >> that may not come anytime soon though, the company says all the attention the barge got at treasure island partially prompted it to move to stockton. following up on the attackers that pleaded guilty of the beating of brian stone. they admitted assaulting giant's fan brian stowe.
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the attack left the paramedic permanently disabled. he continues to rehab at his parents' house in santa cruz. today, a grand jury charged each man with being a felon in possession of firearms, including semi-automatic rifling. that could add up to 10 more years to each man's sentence. another attempt to bring the a's to the south bay. they asked to reinstate their lawsuit. the city sued the league and the commissioner bud selig last year in an effort to bring the a's to the south bay. the basis of the lawsuits is that the league is violating antitrust laws with interfering with that move. >> we want to compete in baseball. one man sits in an office in new york and says no, you can't have a baseball team. >> major league baseball has
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until april 4 to respond to today's move. now the a's have made it clear they want to leave oakland. however, the giants are preventing the a's from moving to san jose. let's talk about our micro climate forecast. sunshine and then rain, right? >> we're going to see things change up. another chance of rain coming in this weekend, but still dodging a few showers in parts of the bay area. pretty view here in emeriville. notice some of the clouds building up over the hilltops. we've seen showers especially around napa county. you see this line here. now that the sun is setting we will continue to see the conditions stabilize on some of those hilltops. the heating of the day and moisture out there powering up the hilltop showers. here's the break we're going to see for most of friday into saturday before the next system comes in on us for the weekend.
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partly cloudy skies. possibly, if the winds are light enough, could have some patchy fog for the morning, but mostly sunny skies into the afternoon all day tomorrow. sunny and our temperatures climbing on up into the 60s and low 70s for tomorrow. so here's a quick sneak preview of the forecast for the next few days. 72 degrees tomorrow. warmest day ahead coming up on sunday. still nice but more clouds coming on in. partly cloudy skies on sunday. so the rain staying off to the north for your sunday forecast. san francisco seeing those temperatures. close to 70 for saturday. a few more spots we'll show you here. notice the north bay. you're back into the raindrops after a day saturday with mid-70s for high. coming up, we'll let you know if the sunday storm will make an impact not just for the north bay but also for the rest of the bay area as we go through the weekend. we'll hook at the forecast and how much snow it means for the
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sierras, coming up. stuck at sea for 15 hours. the tourist credited with saving her life after her inflatable boat deflated. >> he was someone you'd want to hang out with. a big screen tribute, a special honor for a south bay man who sacrificed his life to help save others during the terrorist attacks of september 11. ok, it's time to set the record straight. covered california is how californians can take advantage of the affordable care act. we can help you get quality health insurance right now. to sign up, call 800-787-9159 or go to you can also use our website to find local, in-person help. one of the biggest questions we get here is,
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. a deadly accident for a well-known pyrotechnics expert. it happened three weeks ago. police say randy fellman was carrying fireworks and they exploded in his car. he was seriously burned and died last week. his twin brother who was also with him is okay. he lives in san mateo and was on his way to a fireworks industry event. the fire was so intense they may
6:24 pm
never know the exact cause of that explosion. well, they have rolled out the red carpet for the film festival. a film called the rugby player is about a man who fought back on 9/11. we sat down with the filmmaker and the hero's mother. >> reporter: it's called the rugby player, a documentary film about the life of mark bingham. on board flight 93 above shanksville, pennsylvania. a story with lots of help from his own recorded footage. >> he was a gay man but broke many gay stereotypes. i'm happy to see that. we have many professional athletes coming out now.
6:25 pm
>> this is where he grew up. he grew up in los gatos. this is his hometown. >> reporter: the movie tells the story of a young man who became a national hero, and his mother, who knew him as a fun-loving guy. >> i hope that the viewers take away the euphoria, a little bit of the feeling being mark's mother, it's like trying to hold onto a wild animal. >> reporter: they'll get a chance through several screenings. in san jose, scott budman. >> very nice. it was a good film festival as well. massive migration out on the bay. we're going to take you out on the water showing the amazing gray whales. and a warning for boaters and whale watchers. >> reporter: we're live on the peninsula where six cold cases from 1976 are being re-examined.
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the main purpose here is to ask everybody to kind of reach back in their memories to 1976. >> lost but not forgotten. new hope tonight for the families of these five bay area women murdered decades ago. the fbi today revealing that new dna evidence links an old murder case in reno with the killings on the peninsula. and now federal agents have created a task force to try to solve the cases, cases dating back to 1976. nbc's kimberly terry is live. what's the next move now? >> reporter: they will be reexamining everything. the fbi and local police starting next week will also begin to canvass neighborhoods, looking for new leads. >> no tips or observations are too small for us.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: the fbi wants to find the person responsible for six murders that happened in 1976. the young women were all killed between january and april. five along the peninsula, the sixth in reno. >> we have reason to believe their deaths are linked, time frame of the murders and the methods used by the offender. >> reporter: they say new dna evidence also helped link the murders but would not go into details. ronnie castillo went missing. then on january 24, tonya blackwell went missing. she was found in pacifica, and it was because of that, the murders were dubbed the gypsy hill murders, four more were killed. >> what's great that it's being
6:31 pm
reopened. >> reporter: this is one of the detectives that worked on the beaty case 38 years ago. >> if we're successful, it will be closure. i know my victim's mother will be elated if we get this guy. >> reporter: starting next week, members of the gypsy hill task force headed up by the fbi will go out into the neighborhoods where these murders happened, trying to flush out new leads. >> we're just trying to jog people's memories and potentially get some information from the public that what may have seemed innocuous to them at the time may be important to us. >> reporter: i spoke to a friend of one of the victims who says that she was ecstatic when she found out that the cold cases were being reopened. she said it means a lot to the families to have this happen. they've been waiting 38 years for some answers. nbc bay area news. also on the peninsula, a 36 year old transyebts has been
6:32 pm
arrested again, accused of a burglary in belmont, police were led to him after he used a credit card taken at a home last week. he was found with stolen mail and drugs. the oakland teenager accused of setting fire to the skirt of a passenger is going to stand trial. in court today 16 year old richard thomas waived his right to a preliminary hearing. he says skipping that hearing means that video won't be available before the trial. the woman was treated for severe burns after the clothing was set on fire. we're looking live at oak hand where in less than half an hour, mayor jean quan will be giving an address.
6:33 pm
employment rate is still double what it is in san francisco. it will begin at 7:00. more major developmenting in ukraine today which have grabbed the attention of a lot of people here. the parliament has decided to leave ukraine and join russia. >> the u.s. and other western powers are not happy with it. >> this morning i signed an executive order which sanctions entities responsible for voynov lating the sovereignty and integrity or the ukraine or for stealing the assets of the ukrainian people. >> president obama says crimea has no right to leave ukraine without approval from the ukrainian government. is the president right?
6:34 pm
in tonight's reality check, sam brock joins us with some answers. >> in short, yes and yes. ukrainian law doesn't even recognize the right of secession. and if russia tries to claim that it's trying to protect ethnic russians living in crimea, people all over the world want to know, protect them from what? >> reporter: on a busy day that saw the crimea declare independence from ukraine. >> the proposed referendum on the future of crimea would violate the ukraine yan constitution and violate international law. any discussion about the future of ukraine must include the legitimate government of ukraine. >> reporter: first things first. can crimea secede if it wants to? we asked an expert on russian
6:35 pm
law. >> ukrainian state does not recognize the right of secession. they cannot hold an independent referendum without somehow consulting the national government before holding such a vote. >> reporter: international law also recognizes something called territorial sovereignty, the exclusive right of a state to exercise power within its boundaries. russia is arguing an exception should be made here because of the oppression of ethnic russians in crimea. he says they need proof of atrocity. where is it? >> there has been no real injustice or assertion or violation of the rights of ukrainian citizens, that any nation would recognize crimea as either a constituent part of the russians or as an independent country. >> we also spoke with alan wiener.
6:36 pm
he says the fact that people in crimea don't like their government is not the legal standard for leaving the country. there would need to be mass atrocity like rwanda in the '90s or perhaps modern-day syria of the neither of those scenarios seem applicable here. the crisis in ukraine is spilling over into the paralympics in sochi. ukrainian athletes and coaches demonstrated in the athletes village today. the paralympics game officially kick off tomorrow with their opening ceremony. the ukrainians are threatening to boycott the game. a hallway of flags and smiles for this bay area homecoming. the guardsman who helped bring home troops and equipment from afghanistan. a disaster from three years ago.
6:37 pm
the ecosystem that may be at risk off our cost. as we head through tomorrow, we'll see more 70s in the forecast at least short term. we'll have a look at the forecast.
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6:39 pm
a woman who just wanted to enjoy the sunset ended up treading water for 15 hours. the coast guard says the woman, a tourist from san diego took out a small boat from the monterey wharf. the boat deflated and she ended up spending the night in the cold water. thankfully a fisherman found her the following morning. she is suffering from
6:40 pm
hypothermia but is okay. three years of japan's nuclear disaster, they are now examining california's kelp looking for radiation. experts theorize the huge underwater leaves could contain trace amounts of radiation. it was released into the pacific ocean after the tsunami devastated the fukushima power plant. several pounds of kelp will be dried and ground up so experts can test it. >> it can serve as a warning that these materials that get released thousands of miles away can find their way across the ocean. >> scientists do expect to detect radiation in that kelp. but just because an amount is measurable doesn't mean it's dangerous. it's a beautiful sight but be careful. a warning for boaters and whale
6:41 pm
watchers. nearly 20,000 whales are leading through the bay area to feeding grounds. boaters are being asked to steer clear of the whales. the footage is pretty incredible. they've been spotted near the golden gate bridge, sausalito. the whales are hungry and stressed. . >> it is a majestic sight. but you want them to do well. the next few days? i think it will be nice. the whales might want to stick around. you see the clouds on the horsz on. we're tracking a chance of rain in the forecast. and i'm in the sports studios. the penguins invade the center
6:42 pm
and we'll show you lins couple's change
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a long awaited homecoming today for a local national guard unit stationed in afghanistan. nbc bay area's joe risotto junior caught up with one unit. >> reporter: it's been more than a decade since war broke out with afghanistan, 12 years, 27 days. and though the war rarely making head lines these days, u.s. troops still ship out, and troops come home. today was a day of homecoming for 150 members of the national guard's 1113th transportation company based in san jose, following a nine month tour of afghanistan, they were met at the airport by the volunteer patriot guard.
6:45 pm
soldiering arrived to a corridor of flags and cheers. the sight of home felt strange to aaron. >> even the escalator, it feels so new. i was like, we never had this in afghanistan. >> reporter: the transporting of troops and equipment, helping to dismantle military bases as part of the withdrawal of afghanistan. >> our mission was to retrograde and bring our troops and equipment home. and we felt hilike we were a bi part of that. >> we're helping out so others won't have to go out there as much. that feels good. >> reporter: for all those mothers, the nine months felt like nine years. >> i always pray, and i want him to be back. it's hard. it's hard for a mother like me, but i'm blessed. he's back. >> reporter: the returning soldiers were anxious to catch up with family and get back to normal. >> i'm going to eat some food
6:46 pm
right now. i love food. i just got to say it. >> reporter: what didn't need to be said was that it was good to step on familiar ground, knowing somewhere behind, the mission's complete. >> good to have them safe and sound at home. >> you see the smiles on their faces. let's bring in rob mayeda. >> we're going to see a lot of very different weather, depending on where you are, especially come sunday. in you're in the north bay, you're still seeing a few showers out there. san jose, a little bit on the breezy side. some gusts at the airport close to 20. east bay view, courtesy of our emeriville camera, you've got a west wind at 5 miles per hour seeing partly cloudy skies. with all the moisture lift
6:47 pm
behind, with the winds easing off, we could see some fog. you will run into some low clouds tomorrow. the breezes have been a little strong around the east bay and north bay. we've been seeing winds up to 15 to 20 miles per hour. the speeds will back off tonight which may set us up for some patchy fog. the radar loop shows you now that the sun has set, the solar powers showers are starting to go away. as you can see, the clearing that's taking place, sort of a break in between systems. and here is your friday just offshore. mostly sunny skies. some high clouds coming in. but the next chance of rain will be lining up as we go through the weekend. short term, patchy fog and low clouds. more fog toward the central valley. and throughout the day tomorrow, looks like a nice one.
6:48 pm
more warmer temperatures for your friday. saturday looks pretty nice. but as we get closer to sunday, now you're starting to see the raindrop into the north bay. as it goes into early monday, that will be the window of opportunity. the next round of rain and our projections, close to a third of an inch up arm the north bay. then as you see as has been typical with the systems, the totals drop off into the santa clara valleys. most areas picking up a third of an inch. now the other pattern change we're going to see once we get out of the monday forecast is high pressure building back in. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, now you're seeing the opposite of a trough of low pressure. sending the jet stream back to the north. and friday into saturday, the next pattern change could stick around. we could see mid to upper 70s in the forecast. that is what we're looking at as
6:49 pm
the next big change coming our way as we head through the middle part of next week. for tomorrow, warm day around san jose. mid to upper 60s. around san francisco, upper 60s in the forecast. santa rosa up to 71. east bay mainly in the 60s to low 70s. trivalley in the 70s. the south bay probably staying in the 70s. i don't think the rain is going to have an impact on the forecast throughout the weekend. that is the place to see the sunshine. starting to see more clouds for sunday. the rain is right there in the north bay. so the second half of the weekend we start to see the showers move in. more clouds in the east bay and tri-valley. but the warmest day on saturday, could get some near 70s out towards the coast and more 70s as the system passes on sunday and we move on through the
6:50 pm
middle of next week, spring-like weather. good to see it. let's go to the comcast sports net studio. i think what he's saying is we need to heave the studio and go down to the shark tank. >> i would if i could. you wouldn't think a visit from the penguins would be a welcome sight, but they've had their way. the last time san jose beat the sharks, over 16 years ago. despite their home success against the penguins, it will be quite the challenge on home ice. >> when you play some of the best in the world, you're excited to come to the rink. it's exciting to be a fan when they're on the ice. but it will be a cool experience
6:51 pm
hi like it always is. >> i'll have all the action tonight. puck drop, 7:30. from the boys will be boys file. lincecum trading his uniform. lowe on the other hand has the dugout cracking up in the tight whites. hudson's breaking out. he gave up just two hits. donald grounds out. bottom of the fifth. sandov sandoval, his first long ball of the spring. g men go on to win it 3-2. >> it's great to be here in
6:52 pm
scottsdale, arizona. and we got to see tim hudson. he had a career high 20 wins. and he looks pretty good now. extended his scoreless inning streak to 5. ? he's been good for a look time. nine years with the braves. six years with oakland. very good pitching staff there. so he was asked, where does this san francisco staff from what you've seen so far rank among the ones he's been on before. >> it's right up there. i mean, there's no question about it. a lot of similarities, i think, to our staff that we had in oakland. i was there a few years. a lot of young guys with some, seems like they're just starting to tap into their potential of what they can be in this game. and, you know, it's exciting to see. it's exciting to see some of these young guys, how good they are already, but where potentially they can be in the next few years. >> the starting staff this spring has been very good for the giantgiants.
6:53 pm
yes, it is only spring training. >> what else is good? pablo sandoval. he's skinnier and batting .308. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. finally the cadillac championship. tiger woods returning to action after leaving the honda classic with back pain. same beat, different song. tiger, bad weather caused a long delay. the first round will be concluded on friday. the good news for tiger, his back gave him no reported problems today. the bad news, he's five shots off the loaders already. of course men at this of golf to be played so, raj, i'm staying positive. >> were they at a bar in scottsdale? or where were they? >> sure looked like it.
6:54 pm
i'm going to hold the fifth on that, okay? plead the fifth. >> i remember those road to the spring training trips. >> for 30 minutes of coverage you can watch at 10:30.
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could ron burgundy be headed to the bay area? will farrell has a long resume, but has he ever chaperoned a prom? a teacher hopes farrell will join him for the evening.
6:57 pm
>> i promise to buy you a boutonniere from a chain grocery store. here's a photo of what i think the two of us will look like at the dance. >> he said his wife conveniently can't make it to the dance, and he's hoping farrell will keep him company. no surprise, the video has gone viral. stay classy. >> that's pretty cute. take us out of here. how are we looking? >> we're looking pretty good. we're looking at some patchy fog. and look at tomorrow's highs, after the fog clears, pretty nice day, 72 around the south bay and near napa 73 and for saturday, mid-70s in the forecast. and then a chance for rain for the north bay. we get that time of the year where we see 70s more often. >> if we have a convertible, take the top off.
6:58 pm
>> we don't. >> have a good night.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
a woman found sleeping in his bed, now on "extra." >> police called to bieber's okd atlanta mansion. l-fan breaks in and takes a nap was he home?t( plus, new bieber jail video.lp what had to be censored from the footage. ñi breaking couples news. heidi klum kissing seal. their surprise reunion as she moves on with demi moore's rumored ex. xdt( >> are you and vito going out ñi now? then, new video. jared and lupita leaving the t( same hotel in paris. >> wait till you hear who she's


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